How to be the best Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in my office. A budget for a gift is limited to 30-40hrk (which equals 6$ or 5€). Two years ago, I got an extendable fork with the note „May the fork be with you“ from my Secret Santa.
You see, I love good food and I love Star Wars, so this was the perfect gift if you ask me. 🙂

When it comes to gift giving – it’s a thought that counts.

We really believe that. That’s why we don’t like to give thoughtless gifts. And no one likes to receive a thoughtless gift.

As a Secret Santa, you have the opportunity to give an amazing gift without anyone knowing it’s from you – and you have the opportunity to give a crappy gift without anyone knowing it’s from you. Well, at least during the Christmas time, we’re all about spreading joy.

We created a go-to list of gift ideas we think work every time. Their secret is in simplicity and adaptability. And also in the fact, you don’t have to break the bank to show someone you thought about them. We actually think they are great gifts to give to anyone, but they probably work the best when given to someone who doesn’t expect much.

*If you have any ideas what to give to someone with high expectations, please share in the comments section. We’re starting to feel anxious, and it’s not even December yet.

1. A planner/notebook

Some people write down to-do lists. Others write down work-related reminders and information. Some people keep bullet-journals. Others keep gratitude journals.

See? Simple – it’s just a notebook. Adaptable – you can easily personalise it.

MoleskineDotted Notebook

Nowadays, many people use apps on their smartphones for plans, notes and reminders. But notebooks are not just for planning. We really love Moleskine passion journals – in case you’re getting a gift for someone who likes wines, or cooking, or gardening. It’s thoughtful but not too personal, perfect for co-workers and friends. Moleskine wedding planner, baby or travel journal are also awesome.

And have you heard about The Five Minute Journal? What a lovely idea! A great gift for anyone who likes to work on self-development and personal growth. The idea behind a The Five Minute Journal is amazing – it’s designed as the simplest thing you can do to start your day happy. And adopting a simple habit that will make you a happier person is a great way to start a new year.

The Five Minute Journal

2. A cookbook

We believe everyone will appreciate a good cookbook. But a GOOD cookbook! Read the reviews before buying, just like you would if you were buying for yourself.

And it’s so easy to personalise it.

Maybe someone mentioned they’d like to try a different diet. Or they have an allergy to gluten. Or they like to bake. Or they enjoy Mediterranean, Mexican or Asian cuisine. If you need inspiration, we have a few favourites at the moment.

Ana-Marija Bujić – What’s cooking in Dubrovnik

Jamie Oliver5 ingridients | Ghillie James – Asia Light | Niomi Smart – Eat Smart

3. Spice mixes

This is such a cool gift if you know a little about a person’s taste. And it’s not that hard because people often talk about what they like to eat.

From flavoured salts for popcorn to apple pie or tandoori masala spice mix, you can create a wonderful collection of someone’s favourites.

Harissa Spice Store

Or you can try to make your own homemade seasoning mixes!

4. Little luxury

A bottle of good wine, quality coffee or a delicious dark chocolate, is a wonderful gift. Again, buy these with person’s taste in mind.

Consumable gifts are great because they won’t end up in the trash can or in someone’s garage – they will be re-gifted until they come to the right hands.

5. Home fragrance

Home fragrance is fantastic, yet usually overlooked gift idea. While perfume is a bit too personal gift and it’s quite hard to guess someone’s taste, who wouldn’t want their home to smell like gingerbread during the Christmas time? Or all year long.

Not sure which are the best, but we love those from Zara Home. They look fancy and smell amazing.


Zara HomeHome Fragrances Christmas edition

6. A cool gadget

Isn’t the “May the fork be with you” the coolest gift ever? And it’s not that hard to pick up a few details about someone’s interests and find a useful or funny gift.

Men’s society is one of our favourite shops when it comes to picking gifts ‘for him’.
They have the most amazing kits!



Men’s society – “Damn handsome” Beard Grooming Kit // Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit // Vinyl Records Cleaning Kit

It is quite simple to give a good gift. But even if you get the “crappy” one this year, be cool about it. Some people simply don’t understand the fuss about Christmas gifts. Often, those are the people who do everything for their loved ones all year long.

Someone who makes your day at work easier, someone who welcomes you with a homecooked meal every day, or someone who brings a smile on your face every time you meet, doesn’t really have to prove anything with a gift.

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