Trendy side tables that are just one click away from your home

Are you picky? Do you have a long wishlist of things you’ll probably never buy because you’re not sure if they’re good enough? Or are you an impulse buyer?

Either way, if you’re currently trying to figure out how to easily upgrade your home, this post is for you.

At the moment, we are remodelling one living room, and we created numerous collections of furniture for our client. We tend to spend quite a lot of time choosing the perfect piece, so we thought – maybe you’d enjoy a sneak peek?

So, this is not our usual ‘Things we love‘ type of post because, let’s be real, not many people can afford the things we love. It’s a collection of beautiful, budget-friendly side tables, chosen from two of our favourite (web)shops (IKEA and ZARA HOME) – literally a click away from your living room. Or bedroom. Or entryway.

You see, that’s the beauty of side tables. They can quickly upgrade, both aesthetically and functionally, almost any room. They can be subtle or they can be statement pieces. Static or moved around. They don’t even have to be tables – magazine holders or stools work just as good.

Living room makeover - moodboard - upgradesign
Living room makeover // moodboard: © upgradesign

And best of all, they are so practical – replacing a classic coffee table with few different side tables is a great solution for big sofas we all love so much. Not to mention how perfect they are for an armchair in the corner of your living room.

Here’s our pick of a few side tables that we love and can’t decide which one we like the best:

*from upper left to bottom right*

1:    GLADOM tray table (IKEA)
2:    IRON TABLE with tray base (ZARA HOME)
3:    YPPERLIG coffe table (IKEA)
4:    CEMENT TABLE with wooden legs (ZARA HOME)
5:    IKEA PS 2017 side table on castors (IKEA)
7:    KVISTBRO storage table (IKEA)
8:    NESTED WOODEN TABLES with iron legs (set of 2) (ZARA HOME)
9:    YPPERLIG magazine stand (IKEA)
10:  MAGAZINE RACK side table (ZARA HOME)

Do you like our collection? We can’t stop looking around trying to find a good place for each and every one of these beauties.

_ _

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