5 things moms can teach us about home interior

In our families, moms are in charge. They are housekeepers. They are chefs. They are party planners. They do pretty much everything around the house.

They are home designers, of course. And over the years, we realized there is so much to learn about a functional home from, not just our moms, but mothers in general. Because most of them manage to create a functional home for their families, often regardless of the size, or layout, or style of the apartment.

The statements we chose to share with you, are the ones that differ from the things we’d usually advise. Because, as we always try to point out, different things work for different people, and we believe it might be helpful to hear a thing or two from someone who’s not that much into the home ambience, as they are into the practical part of home design. So let’s hear them out!

1. Choose a bathtub instead of a shower

There are a lot of reasons to choose a shower and you can read all about them in our How to design a shower tutorial.

However, the bathtub vs shower choice is usually a choice between bubble baths and quick showers. And who has time for bubble baths, right?

Sometimes, the size of the bathroom will make a choice for you, because the extra small bathtub is completely useless.

Bathroom remodel | bathtub or shower
i.s.m.architecten – TDH // photo: © Luis Diaz Diaz

But here’s something most of us won’t think about until it’s too late: where will you wash the duvet that doesn’t fit in the basin nor can be put in the washing machine?

You don’t have a duvet or you can take it to the dry cleaners? That’s great. But still, try to think about all the ways you could use something before you make a decision.

2. No open shelves in the kitchen

No open shelves in the kitchen is an annoying rule because those shelves are gorgeous and you can style them in so many wonderful ways.

Yet, moms agree: if you cook in the kitchen, your displayed dishes will be covered with dusted glued with grease. Not so pretty.

But since we can’t give up on open shelves, we believe we found a compromise: instead of displaying the dishes you almost never use, the trick is to display the dishes you use on a daily basis like Maja did in her small Ikea kitchen.

Kitchen remodel | open shelves | small Ikea kitchen

Kitchen remodel | open shelves | small Ikea kitchen
Small and functional IKEA kitchen // photo: © upgradesign

Now, we won’t get into the don’t-save-pretty-things-for-special-occasions theory, even though we truly believe in enjoying every day like it is a special occasion. But if you display the things you use every day, you’ll wash them every day, and everything will work fine. After all, the point of shelves is to be able to reach everything easily, even though we tend to act as if the point is to arrange pretty things perfectly for everyone to admire our good taste.

3. Pantry is a must have

Maybe you hate meal planning. You don’t know when you’ll eat out, when you’ll grab a takeout, and when you’ll feel like cooking. You don’t know what you’ll eat today for dinner, not to mention a week from now. Plus, grocery stores work until 11 pm, you can always buy the things you need.

All true.

However, home budgeting is often one of the things moms do, and most of them are huge fans of buying in bulk. And it’s not just they believe everyone should have a pantry, they also note that the pantry must be cooler than the rest of the home. That way, it’s very useful if you’re a type of person who cooks jam or pickled vegetables.

So no, the extra kitchen cabinet is not exactly like the pantry.

We are 100% with moms on this one. By now, you probably know how we feel about storage space. That being said, we are very aware of the fact there’s often no room in the apartment for that, very specific, storage space. But if there’s enough room in your apartment, don’t think of pantry as a waste of surface area.

4. A home must be designed to allow dinner parties and family reunions

You’ll often hear us say you should design your home for everyday life, not for special occasions. So you host a family reunion once a year. Big whoop. You can’t ignore the fact you don’t need a dining room for twelve people every other day of the year, but what you do need are two bathrooms.

But anyone who had to plan a dinner party for 24 with a dining table for four, would disagree.

It turns out, it’s easier for someone to get by in a space less than perfect day after day than to have a “let’s wing it” mindset when it comes to a holiday party or a family reunion. Which makes sense, because it’s quite stressful to plan a party and it’s not a bad idea to make things easier for yourself if it’s possible. Even if that means to sacrifice something else.

We actually have an idea how to approach to dining room design, without any sacrifices. Hope our solution helps.

Dining room design and organization

5. Everyone needs a good size entrance space

Maybe you remember what we said in our post about entrance spaces.

Maybe you are an extrovert, but everyone that might knock on your door doesn’t have to see your entire apartment when you open the door. A small entrance room can be functional, but if you are in a situation to choose between small or bigger one, don’t immediately look at it as a waste of precious apartment space.

Entryway storage and organization
i.s.m.architecten – TDH // photo: © Luis Diaz Diaz

This one too is especially important for those who often host parties and family gatherings.
It is nice to have a bigger space to greet everyone and say goodbye to them when they’re leaving. Also, think about all the coats and jackets you need to store. We often find ourselves putting them in a free bedroom. How annoying is that?
On the other hand, we wouldn’t advise you to design bigger entrance space just because YOU have a lot of shoes and coats and jackets. Entrance room is not a storage.

So, it doesn’t have to be a big room or a special room for that matter, you just have to make a little space for all the essentials every entrance space should have. You can check them out here.

Entryway organization and decoration
Tips and tricks for a perfect entrance space // collage: © upgradesign

So, do you agree with moms?  They make a good point, but remember, we’re grown up now. We don’t have to do something just because they said so. 

_ _

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