DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece

Well, these ‘green’ DIYs are becoming kind of our thing and we have to admit – WE LOVE IT. This one is a perfect table decoration piece and there’s also a great little story behind it.

A while ago, after we published our DIY Macrame plant hanger post, Alexandria from FTDbyDesign contacted us via e-mail saying she loved our post and provided us with their video tutorial to share in it (if we are interested). First of all, let us just mention how humbled we were because of her words – FTDbyDesign is such a wonderful team of floral and styling experts, and of course, we were interested – we know it’s a lot easier to make something while watching a video about it.

So, a few weeks ago she contacted us again with the most amazing suggestion ever – she sent us a link to their blog post/video tutorial about how to make a hanging centrepiece, and kindly asked us to share it on our blog. We still can’t quite believe that people from another side of the globe read our blog and, well, you probably can guess what our response was just by reading this post.

Not only we are happy to share it with you, but we were so amazed by it we decided to give it a try. To be honest, we saw more than a few amazing photos of this kind of centrepieces all over Instagram but always thought they are so hard to make. Guess we were wrong.

But even though we so wanted to create a hanging centrepiece, we realized it won’t work because there are pendant lamps above the dining table we chose for our setting. Hanging a centrepiece between the lamps is quite silly. Still, the longitudinal centrepiece is a really practical option for a table centrepiece – and that’s why you’ll see two options for styling a dining table. So choose the one that works for you and get creative!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Wooden dowel – the base of your design approximately half the length of your table
  • Flowers and foliage –  preferably season/holiday themed
  • Green floral wire – used to secure the greenery to your dowel.
  • Green floral tape – perfect for attaching greenery and flowers because of its strength and elasticity.
  • Scissors – to cut the flowers and foliage, floral tape and floral wire.


  • Fishing line – used to suspend your hanging centrepiece
  • Crimp tubes – small metal rings that will make sure your fishing line is secure.
  • Pliers – used to clamp the crimp tubes in order to secure them to the fishing line.

Check out the video tutorial by FTDbyDesign for four easy steps on how to make a beautiful hanging centrepiece:

Hanging centerpiece by FTDbyDesign

DURATION: 1-2 hours

Take dowel and clamp fishing lines on both ends

Once you have decided how high you would like your hanging centrepiece to be, cut two lines of fishing line that are equal in length. These will be used to hold your centrepiece. Make sure that each line is the same length so that your dowel will hang steadily.

Secure the fishing line on each end using crimp tubes and pliers. Stick the fishing line through one end of the crimp tube and then back through the other in order to create a loop. Then, slip the dowel through the loop. Once you have done this, use the pliers to clamp the crimp tubes so that the fishing line is secure around the dowel.

Add greenery to your wooden dowel using floral wire

Next, you can start wrapping different types of greenery around the dowel. The types of greenery that we used for this particular centrepiece were twigs, silver dollar eucalyptus and fall leaves. Wrap each piece individually, taking your time to make sure that each side is even.

Use the floral wire to secure the greenery to the dowel. You can do this by wrapping the wire around pieces of greenery on the dowel and then tightening it. Make sure to not use too much floral wire so that the greenery can hang more naturally. For any areas where you’d like the greenery to stay in a certain spot, use floral tape to secure it.

Hanging centerpiece DIY / do it yourself / FTDbyDesign
photo: © FTDbyDesign

Place/hang your centrepiece

Now it is time to hang your centrepiece! You can do this a number of ways depending on where you will be putting your design. If it is attached to an exposed beam, consider wrapping it around and tying it, using the crimp tubes and pliers. If it will be hanging from the ceiling, attach two hooks and tie the other ends of your fishing lines to them. Then, suspend your centrepiece using the fishing lines on each end.

Attaching greenery before hanging the centrepiece makes the process a lot easier because you can wrap around each piece on a stable surface. Once the centrepiece is hung, make sure that it is even and stable.

Add florals

Now for the fun part! Add florals to the empty spaces in the design and wherever you think they look best. Cut the stems of your flowers with scissors so that they are easy to insert into the greenery. Placing the stems of your florals in between the greenery will ensure that it stays put. You can also use floral tape to do this.

The best part about making a hanging centrepiece is choosing the flowers for it! The florals we chose for this design were burgundy carnations and yellow-orange spider mums. These colours work beautifully with the fall leaves and natural greenery to create a stunning autumn design. Keep in mind that if you use real flowers, your design will only last a couple of days before they begin to wilt. To extend the life of your floral centrepiece, periodically mist the flowers and foliage and avoid hanging it in direct sunlight.

Hanging centerpiece DIY / do it yourself / FTDbyDesign
photo: © FTDbyDesign

Table centrepiece

DURATION: 1 hour

Arrange your greenery

For our table centrepiece, we used Cedar tree branches, Laurel and Eucalyptus. Start by dividing any of your greens that might be too long or too full.

Table centerpiece DIY / do it yourself / upgradesign
photo: © upgradesign

Place them next to your dowel to figure out the best arrangement. We wanted our centrepiece to come out from a centre point to the end of the dowel so we switched directions halfway. We used Cedar tree branches as our base, then we layed down Laurel and at the top Eucalyptus.

After that, start arranging small bunches of greenery in a bouquet and when you’re happy with the looks of it, secure it with floral wire. In the end, you should have an even number of bouquets (we needed four of them for our 120cm long dowel).

Add greenery to your wooden dowel

Place your bouquets on the dowel and make sure they overlap so you can’t see any stems. Once you’re happy with the looks of it, use floral tape to secure it on a dowel.

table centerpiece_02

Table centerpiece DIY / do it yourself / upgradesign
photos: © upgradesign

Take your centrepiece and place it in the middle of the table. Once you see it on the table you can add more greenery or flowers to make it bigger or to fill the empty spaces.

And just like that, you’re all done! It is time to enjoy your centrepiece and to let others enjoy it too. Host a dinner party and have a great time with your friends. To make it extra special prepare (or buy) small gifts for them.
We hope you find our table styling inspiring. We used amazing Botica biscuits to welcome our guests and they loved it! Check them out here!

table centerpiece_06

Table centerpiece DIY / do it yourself / upgradesign

table centerpiece_08
photos: © upgradesign

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