What makes a good interior


The first thing we notice when entering a room – and, we bet, the first thing you notice when entering a room – is the mood.

The mood that certain space sets.

When you think about all the interiors you’ve ever visited, only a few of them truly left an impact. It could be because it was unexpectedly dark and moody. It could be because you’ve never seen anything similar. Or it could be because you never thought an all-white apartment could be so cosy.

To create an ambience is a challenging task, but the tools for the job are quite simple.

Colors of the surfaces. Textures. Materials. Daylight and interior lighting – and the way they complement colours, textures and materials. Design, size and position of lamps, colour (warmth) of the light. Brightness. Shadow.

JRKVC - TRN-Apartment Refurbishment 06
JRKVC – TRN Apartment Refurbishment // photo: © Peter Jurkovič
IMA - House Feurstein -- photo - Adolf Bereuter
Architekten Innauer MattHaus Feurstein // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

Everything we experience subjectively.

Because spaces that don’t evoke emotions remain un-noticed. They might be good, but – who can tell?


We wouldn’t be architects if we didn’t put emphasis on a clear arrangement of the rooms and a good communication between them. A functional layout is like the engine of every interior – it’s what keeps things running smoothly.

You use the space and you should be able to use it as easily as possible. That’s the worlds simplest definition of a functional apartment.

Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar – Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv // photo: © 181 Architecture photography

Furniture size and arrangement are just as important. There’s nothing worse than cluttering the room with furniture that is clearly too big. Except maybe placing too many too small elements.


It’s in human nature to seek regularity. It helps us understand the world around us. That’s why most of us feel peaceful in a simple, organized environment.

And that’s why you can often hear us say how important storage space is for every apartment.

But in this context, the order goes beyond tidiness.

When we walk into a new place and subconsciously start looking around – you know, to decide if we like it or not – we’re actually looking for anything out of order. We’re looking for problems left unsolved, and details left undesigned. For things that should’ve been done differently. And simply put, the lack of imperfections means perfection.

upgradesign_kitchen organization

Organized kitchen // photo: © upgradesign

. . .

We often say interior design is all about taking control – of being in charge. And if you had a chance to glace over some of the interiors we featured here on the blog, you might have noticed they are mostly designed to the last detail. So much so, we are sometimes criticised for choosing only interiors that are “too perfect, instead of real-life ones”.

Okay, guilty as charged. But, did you see the post about apartment designed by Blaarchitettura? The one where we showed very real-life apartments transformed into amazing apartments?

But what makes them amazing? What makes a good interior? It’s not the fact we would, and you would, like to live in it…

It’s ambience, functionality and order.

_ _

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2 thoughts on “What makes a good interior

  1. These ways are very simple and very much useful, as a beginner level these helped me a lot thanks fore sharing these kinds of useful and knowledgeable information.


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