DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece

DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece

Well, these ‘green’ DIYs are becoming kind of our thing and we have to admit – WE LOVE IT. This one is a perfect table decoration piece and there’s also a great little story behind it.

A while ago, after we published our DIY Macrame plant hanger post, Alexandria from FTDbyDesign contacted us via e-mail saying she loved our post and provided us with their video tutorial to share in it (if we are interested). First of all, let us just mention how humbled we were because of her words – FTDbyDesign is such a wonderful team of floral and styling experts, and of course, we were interested – we know it’s a lot easier to make something while watching a video about it.

So, a few weeks ago she contacted us again with the most amazing suggestion ever – she sent us a link to their blog post/video tutorial about how to make a hanging centrepiece, and kindly asked us to share it on our blog. We still can’t quite believe that people from another side of the globe read our blog and, well, you probably can guess what our response was just by reading this post.

Not only we are happy to share it with you, but we were so amazed by it we decided to give it a try. To be honest, we saw more than a few amazing photos of this kind of centrepieces all over Instagram but always thought they are so hard to make. Guess we were wrong. Continue reading “DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece”

Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2

Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2

Is your furniture a part of your home? Or do you see it as the stuff inside your home?

Here’s the thing.

We’re all used to see an interior as a set of layers. The first layer are surfaces that define space – walls, floors, ceilings. Then there are floor and wall finishes. Curtains and carpets, maybe. Furniture comes next, just before decorations.

And usually, that’s not only how we see interiors, but also how we design them – one layer at the time.

Actually, most of the trending homes on Pinterest are designed that way. Designed as a space filled with pretty stuff.

They look good and stylish. You probably like them. We like them, too.

Yet, you might have noticed we don’t feature that type of interiors. Partly because there’s not much to say about them, but mostly because our goal is not to show you what to buy. It’s not even to show you what we think you should like.

Most of the time, it’s not important if you like the interiors we feature. We hope you do because you probably won’t take the time to read about something you dislike, and one of the biggest fears bloggers share is publishing posts no one reads.  But what’s important is the understanding why architects/interior designers designed something the way they did, in order to learn how to use those ideas and create a space that’s ideal for you. Continue reading “Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2”

What makes a good interior

What makes a good interior


The first thing we notice when entering a room – and, we bet, the first thing you notice when entering a room – is the mood.

The mood that certain space sets.

When you think about all the interiors you’ve ever visited, only a few of them truly left an impact. It could be because it was unexpectedly dark and moody. It could be because you’ve never seen anything similar. Or it could be because you never thought an all-white apartment could be so cosy.

To create an ambience is a challenging task, but the tools for the job are quite simple. Continue reading “What makes a good interior”