Bathroom organization challenge

How annoying are the stuff we keep in our bathrooms? Don’t you feel like you have over a thousand little items over there, jammed inside a drawer? And there’s no way to organize them either, because every time you reach for something, you knock over everything else. It’s horrible!

So if you’re nodding while reading this, being all sick and tired of your bathroom situation, we challenge you to join us on our 5-day bathroom organization journey. Just think about it, if you begin today, you can start next week as a completely different person – you know, the one that’s not frustrated with the bathroom mess first thing on a Monday morning. The best thing is, five-day-plan is just our suggestion, you can adapt it to your own schedule.

But enough with the intro, let’s just start already!

Day 1: decide what has to stay in the bathroom

If you’re anything like us, you might be using your bathroom as a storage room for a few things you don’t know where else to put. Which would be fine, if those things weren’t constantly in your way. So here’s an idea: how about keeping only the things you use in the bathroom?

Here’s a list of things we removed:

  • Nail polish – or twenty bottles of nail polish. Have you ever actually painted your nails in the bathroom?
  • Extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, tubes of tooth paste, and similar products you bought in bulk. All you need is the bottle you’re currently using
  • Makeup. In case you don’t put on your makeup in the bathroom (bad lighting might be a reason for that)
  • Cleaning tools and detergents, except the ones you use on daily basis (and ideally for cleaning the bathroom)
  • When there’s not enough storage space, hotel approach works great – keep the towels someplace else, and change them as necessary
  • Products that should’ve been thrown away months, if not years ago, or the ones you got as a gift but know you won’t ever use (including the pink lipstick you thought would be so fun for the summer of 2014 or the expensive perfume you simply don’t like)

Maybe the bathroom is the only place you can put most of the mentioned stuff, but if you get rid of just a few things that aren’t necessary, you’ll be one big step closer to the most organized bathroom ever.

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

In case you don’t like throwing away something you might find useful one day (we know a lot of people don’t), a great trick is to remove those things anyway. Find a temporary place for them and if you realize you actually need something, bring it back, but if a month pass by and they are still where you hid them – you know what to do.

Day 2: Choose the products to display

Can we all agree bathroom stuff are either the things you want to look at or the things you want to hide, usually depending on the packaging design?

This is a very helpful organization fact. Because once you’ve decided which products you actually need, you can divide them into two groups: products to display and products not to display.

To successfully select those that fit into the first group, make sure:

  1. You use them on the daily basis – because it doesn’t make sense to keep handy things you don’t use often
  2. Their containers aesthetically fit into your bathroom – depending on the bathroom ambience and the ambience you want to create, you can choose to display your fancy skin-care products, pretty make up sets and brushes, or perfume bottles

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

Now, of course, there are things that don’t look great, but you still want to reach easily – like q-tips or cotton balls. You can find so many great solutions online, but our favourite solution, at the moment, is everything made of amber glass.

Above, you can see how amber glass bottle makes up for being too cheap to buy pretty (and expensive) home fragrance diffuser.

Also, we love the idea of using simple soap dispensers for shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Replacing colourful plastic bottles with a few simple dispensers will not only help you to instantly create a stylish shower or bathtub, but it might even encourage you to buy the big packages that are both cheaper and better for our environment. That’s just a quick tip, in case you like classic win-win-win situations.

So when it comes to bathroom decoration, we like to make it useful. In our opinion, it’s easier to style fewer items than a lot of them, and it is simpler to maintain the surfaces that are as empty as possible, but it’s really up to you.

And the rest of the stuff?

Day 3: Organize the things you want to keep out of sight

Okay, so now you are familiar with the amount of stuff you have to organize. And you are, of course,  familiar with how much bathroom storage space you have available.

Do you need extra storage space?

If yes, is there a way to install a new cabinet somewhere? Behind the door, above the washing machine or toilet? How about mirrored cabinet above the basin, instead of a mirror? Or replacing the open shelves with something that can be closed?

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

Can you add (easy to clean) boxes and baskets in neglected niches or on open shelves? Organizing items in differently themed boxes (the first aid box, the manicure box, the hair-care box…) is very practical. Someone might prefer transparent ones to see what’s inside, but we still find it to be quite messy (due to different colours, shapes, and sizes of the products) – we like those that are not transparent. It’s your bathroom, you’ll be able to remember where’s what!

But it doesn’t matter if you use cabinets, shelves, boxes or drawers, there’s one simple rule to follow – organize everything horizontally! Don’t put things on top of each other because there’s no way they’ll stay like that. If you want to have an organized bathroom, you have to make sure you can grab everything easily and eliminate the future need to tidy up all the time.

Day 4: Time to style

And now the fun part.

Use the pretty things you selected on the Day 2, and decorate the empty surfaces – shelves, niches, vanity. At this point, you might realize you have selected more items than you’d like to place around, so find an out-of-sight place for them. You can use them when you decide to redecorate.


Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

Add plants for a spa-at-home feeling, and don’t forget to consider daylight and humidity conditions. We hate to admit, but artificial greenery can almost do the job.

Also, home fragrances make a lot of difference since smell can really affect your mood. How about citrus scents if you find it hard to wake up in the morning? Fragrance diffusers and scented candles are always on our must-buy list. Are we the only ones who can’t wait to replace the everyday vanilla with the seasonal gingerbread? Not just the scent, but actual cookies!

And don’t forget the towels. We would never know about this little trick if we didn’t see it from the one and only Style curator. Textiles help to cozy-up the space and it’s the simplest way to add colours and patterns or to keep the bathroom fresh and crisp. You can learn from the master over here.

Hm. Is it possible it took us only four days to organize and style entire bathroom?

Day 5: Start a daily routine

It is. But the Day 5 is just as important because it’s the first day of keeping your bathroom organized.

Yes, now that everything has it’s placed, your job is to place every single thing, right after you use it, where it belongs. Those 2 seconds of your time, combined with few more actions, will add up to a Saturday free of bathroom cleaning every week.


All you have to do is:

  • Put everything back, right after you’re done with it
  • Dry the shower area – all you need is the easy-to-reach-tool and it will be a piece of cake
  • Leave no towels on the floor, even if it means extra hooks or racks for wet towels to dry
  • Wipe the basin and countertop every evening, and look forward to a clean vanity each morning
  • Quick sweeping the floor

If you checked out Gina’s post on Style curator and browsed her website, you might’ve stumbled upon her Ultimate cleaning checklist. It’s both practical and beautifully designed, and it can help you to keep your entire apartment in order – not just the bathroom. We absolutely love it. You can grab yours over here.

5 days to a bathroom organized once and for all? We think it’s a fair deal!

Will you give it a try? We would love to see your bathroom transformation! Tag us on Instagram, send us an email, find us on Pinterest… you know the procedure! And please, don’t forget to inspire us with your ideas in the comments section!

photos: © upgradesign

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