Blaarchitettura’s complete transformation of two old apartments that will surprise you

Blaarchitettura’s complete transformation of two old apartments that will surprise you

Would you believe us if we said there’s a big chance you’re already living in a perfect apartment?

You’re probably looking around, finding it hard to believe. We get it. Just a few weeks ago, in this post, we claimed we don’t live in perfect apartments. But we love to be proven wrong.

Why? Because once we realize we were wrong about something, it opens up a whole range of new possibilities. And for us, interior design is all about endless possibilities.

So we found the best examples to show you what we mean. And no matter if you’re a kind of reader who just looks at pictures or the one who also reads the text, you might want to stick around. We’re saving a little piece of information for the very end, convinced it will come to you as a surprise. It sure was a surprise for us!

Join us on our tour through two lovely apartments, both designed by BLA ARCHITETTURA. Continue reading “Blaarchitettura’s complete transformation of two old apartments that will surprise you”

Why we love raw concrete in interiors

Why we love raw concrete in interiors

Ready or not, concrete is here to stay.

It entered our homes like a big-shot, covering our floors to help us create beloved „industrial lofts“. Some of us immediately fell in love, some of us didn’t. It was too cold. It looked like the interior wasn’t finished. It was maybe just a trend – nothing we’d love to live with for years to come.

Then little concrete products happened. The coasters, the knobs, the vases and bowls. And we started to think: “Hey, this is nice!” Product design is sneaky that way. It familiarizes us with things and ideas we would otherwise never consider.

Yet there is something special about concrete. When you think about it, it doesn’t really look good.

Now, you can take a block of exotic timber, coat it with high gloss lacquer, and call it a side table. And it would be a pretty side table, no doubt about that.

Just like putting a slice of fancy smoked salmon on a piece of toast would be a delicious snack.

Concrete doesn’t work that way. Concrete works only when you have an amazing idea and an amazing execution of that idea. You know, like a hamburger with brie instead of standard cheese and arugula instead of lettuce. Oh, and maybe a pinch of truffles mixed with mayo. Hungry much?

Us comparing cooking with interior design isn’t new, but here’s what’s new – this week’s breathtaking interiors featuring concrete finishes, furniture pieces and few of the most beautifully designed details we’ve ever seen.

So even if you don’t like visible concrete in home interiors, you still might like this post. Because really, it’s not about concrete surfaces – it’s about ideas and executions.  Continue reading “Why we love raw concrete in interiors”

Bathroom organization challenge

Bathroom organization challenge

How annoying are the stuff we keep in our bathrooms? Don’t you feel like you have over a thousand little items over there, jammed inside a drawer? And there’s no way to organize them either, because every time you reach for something, you knock over everything else. It’s horrible!

So if you’re nodding while reading this, being all sick and tired of your bathroom situation, we challenge you to join us on our 5-day bathroom organization journey. Just think about it, if you begin today, you can start next week as a completely different person – you know, the one that’s not frustrated with the bathroom mess first thing on a Monday morning. The best thing is, five-day-plan is just our suggestion, you can adapt it to your own schedule.

But enough with the intro, let’s just start already! Continue reading “Bathroom organization challenge”

Rental apartment improvements that actually make a difference

Rental apartment improvements that actually make a difference

Have we ever told you we don’t live in perfect apartments?

You see, over the years, we both went through every imaginable stage of a home remodel – from quick fixes to entire home transformations. With a few too expensive temporary solutions and a lot of unnecessary purchases that, in the end, made no difference.

So either you live in a rental apartment, or you want to easily, and on a budget, fix up the one you own, stick around. Because we’re about to share with you home improvement ideas we know are good. The ones we tried and would do again. We’ll also include a few don’t-do-it/it-won’t-help remarks.

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