The biggest home interior mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it

Let’s be honest. Sometimes home remodels don’t turn out quite as we expected.

Maybe you planned everything perfectly. You stayed within your budget. You have all you need and it is so easy to clean now when everything’s new. You have a specific place for everything you own, and the clutter is gone. Your apartment even looks exactly like the ones in photographs that inspired you.

And yet, something’s off.

Is it styling? Of course, you don’t have all the stylish decor, but they just placed it there for a photo shoot, didn’t they? Plus, interior design is not about the stuff in the space, but about space itself, right?

So what went wrong?

Here’s what we think: even though you like the interiors that inspired you, they are not for you!

You see, there’s a funny thing about interior style. That phrase – “interior style” – got us believing it has something to do with our style, while actually – it has everything to do with our mindset.

Think about it. And while you’re thinking about it check out what true minimalism looks like on this Instagram profile we L O V E: Jenny Mustard

Is minimalism a style?

Minimalism is a great example for this because everyone seems to have a different opinion what is minimalist enough to be described as minimalist. It is quite subjective because it depends on the object of comparison.

How many times you saw a title like “A minimalist Scandinavian all-white apartment”? It’s a catchy title, because people who love minimalist aesthetics, probably also like the Scandinavian design and the simplicity of white interiors. But, those keywords can lead you to think Scandinavian means minimalist and minimalist means all-white.

And the confusion goes above interior design.

A few years ago, we came across a blog post, from a Swedish blogger, titled something like “Why everyone started to think Scandinavian Christmas decoration is all black and white?

It’s not.

There is, however, Christmas decoration inspired by Scandinavian designers’ work. that is simple and painted in neutral tones. See how the terms became all mixed up?

Live simply. Buy thoughtfully. Own less.

That’s minimalism. Nothing white, nor Scandinavian, about it.

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment
BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski ArchitektDaniel Apartment // photo: © Bartłomiej Senkowski

If you are a minimalist, you’ll end up living in a minimalist home because of your values. And if you only like the aesthetics of minimalism when you see it on photographs, chances are you won’t like your newly remodelled home. Because:

  1. You will have no place to put your stuff

Here’s one scenario. You created a wonderful, Pinterest-worthy, all-white home. Your apartment is almost empty. There are only a few main pieces of furniture, perfectly placed.

Then you start living your life. And you realize you have so many things and no place to put them. With your apartment being all-white, everything looks like it doesn’t belong there. So you start buying furniture to use as additional storage space. Before you realize, your apartment becomes cluttered.

  1. You will constantly move and remove your stuff

Here’s the other scenario. You were aware from the beginning how much stuff you want to have. To create a minimalist apartment, you placed 18 fitted closets around your home, to help you keep everything out of sight.

It works for a while, but soon you start feeling like you’re constantly moving around items you use on daily basis. Your daily routine becomes nothing but tidying up.

In both scenarios, you don’t own less. And you definitely don’t live simply.

Of course, we chose minimalism because it’s the most extreme example, but let’s not stop there.

Is there such thing as Scandinavian style?

We are leaning to saying yes, but we will say no.

Yes, ’cause thanks to Pinterest and keywords in titles, we all have the exact image of a space described with the word “Scandinavian”. And no, because there’s much more to it.

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment
BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski ArchitektDaniel Apartment // photo: © Bartłomiej Senkowski

We do believe in Scandinavian mindset, but for the sake of the argument, let’s call it a Scandinavian way of life. Because that’s what it really is. Scandinavian interiors are directly linked to the environment, weather, amount of daylight throughout a day and a year, local materials, social life and the design heritage.

Now, you have to agree that saying it’s all about blankets and candles is oversimplifying. However, and correct us if we’re wrong, those lovely interiors require constant attention, thinking about little details, and coming up with perfect ways to style and decorate, well – everything.

If you follow us on Pinterest, you probably noticed we are obsessed with everything Scandinavian. Also Australian, for that matter. But what you didn’t notice are the empty shelves in our apartments, waiting to be styled properly.

You see, that’s why it’s all about the mindset. What one might consider relaxing and amusing, others will find tedious.

Think about eclectic apartments

To tell you the truth, if a client asked us to design an eclectic apartment, we wouldn’t know what to do. Because, just like with minimalism, it’s hard to know what someone considers to be eclectic.

Based on the results when searching for eclectic apartments, we could come to the conclusion eclectic equals cluttered with junk. While actually, it’s all about deriving ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources.

And there’s the difference. If you choose the eclectic style for your interior, you’d feel tempted to visit an Antiques fair – and that we say hoping you wouldn’t buy vintage-looking items produced last year (you know we like to preach about interiors being honest) – and fill up your apartment with meaningless stuff. With the stuff, original owners didn’t want anymore. Yes, you’d literally fill up your apartment with junk.

You see, the biggest mistake you could make, is designing your home as if it was a set, or a showroom, for someone to see how stylish you are and how impeccable your taste is.

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment
BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski ArchitektDaniel Apartment // photo: © Bartłomiej Senkowski

Learn from this gorgeous studio, combining eclectic details, Scandinavian ambience and minimalist approach. Notice the contrast between the main room and the bathroom. That certain mood the bathroom creates, enhances the peacefulness and simplicity of the rest of the apartment. If architect strictly insisted on one style, that dualism wouldn’t exist. And what a shame would that be?

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment

BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt - Daniel Apartment
BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski ArchitektDaniel Apartment // photo: © Bartłomiej Senkowski

If you styled your apartment according to your mindset, you’d choose statement pieces that contribute to the overall ambience of your home. You’d choose elements and colour palette inspired by places you visited, by spaces you liked, by things you experienced.

You wouldn’t choose a style + items that fit into that style. After all, that sounds tedious, doesn’t it?

Featured apartment designed by BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt
Photographs: © Bartłomiej Senkowski

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