Dining chairs we love

Amazing dining chairs to mix and match

1:     Original No. 9 Croissant chair (Bentwoods Australia)
2:    Straight Chair (Knoll) // design: George Nakashima 1946
3:    Trame chair (Petite Friture) // design: Amandine Chhor and Aissa Logerot
4:    Standard SP (Vitra) // design: Jean Prouvé 1934-1950
5:    Herman Chair (Ferm Living) // design: Herman Studio
6:    Risom Side Chair (Knoll) // design: Risom
7:    Cesca Chair (Knoll) // design: Marcel Breuer 1928
8:    Visu Pink Chair (Muuto) // design: Mika Tolvanen
9:    About A Chair (Hay) // design Hee Welling and Hay 2016
10:  DKW Wire Chair 2 (Vitra) // design: Charles and Ray Eames
11:   Rhomb chair (Prostoria) design: Simon Morasi Piperčić
12:  Beetle chair (Gubi) // design: GamFratesi

We really wanted to write something smart about dining chairs, but the truth is, a good chair speaks for itself.

In our opinion, dining chairs are like handbags. Even though every single one can do the job,  we can imagine ourselves happily spending quite a lot of money on a certain one. Or twelve.

And we are not the only ones. You probably saw a lot of photographs of dining rooms featuring few different types of chairs.

That simple idea was a huge game changer, and this is why:

  1. you can have an amazing dining room even if you can afford only one designer chair – you just have to carefully combine it with the right kind of cheaper chairs
  2. you don’t have to choose only one out of million gorgeous chairs, maybe you can choose four
  3. your dining room will be much more adaptable, and even if you occasionally bring in few borrowed chairs, they won’t look out of place

You can see our suggestion for styling a dining room here.

Plus, our fellow chair lovers found a way to use chairs not just for sitting. What do you think about dining chairs used as bedside tables? Or plant stands? We love it! And it is so practical in small apartments, because that way, extra chairs won’t be in your way, and you can bring them out when needed.

A good chair is functional but also almost decorative. It’s because form and function are treated as equally important. The same principle works for architecture. Many architects say it’s as hard to design a chair as it is to design a house. In fact, architects also design(ed) chairs. Remember when we wrote about timeless design? Classic chairs are probably at the top of that category. This is our selection of favorite classics and new designs (that will most certainly become classics).

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2 thoughts on “Dining chairs we love

  1. Amazing! Beetle Chair is one of my types. Look at the pretty shiny green color. I would love to place it in my dining room with some greys or pinks, and some lovely flowers. Other dining chair designs are also appealing, one could mix and match them beautifully to play with their décor.


    1. Yes, yes… we love the idea of mix and match, and also it’s hard to choose between all those beautiful chairs, so it would be great to have a few of them… 😀


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