5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation

5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation | upgradesign

Did you know that statistically, twelve out of thirteen people choose a vacation over a home remodel?

It is weird, isn’t it? Also, it is a lie. Or maybe a lucky guess. There’s really no way to know.

However, skipping a vacation to start a remodel makes sense – all of the sudden, you find yourself with an extra amount of money and free time. To successfully finish a remodel, you need both.

But would you give up something you were probably looking forward to for a long period of time, to do something that’s not really enjoyable until it’s over?

While discussing this topic – over the phone, since one of us is on the vacation and the other one is in the middle of a living room remodel (hey, maybe the vacation:remodel ratio is 50:50!) – we came to a conclusion: there’s really no need to choose between a vacation and a remodel, because home remodel is just like (if not better than) taking a vacation.

Now, we can see you, skeptic Reader, shaking your head with disapproval. But bare with us, as we elaborate.

1. The reasons for starting a home remodel are the same as for taking a vacation

From the “Why not?” to the “I need a change of scenery”, reasons are really the same. People like change.

And yes, travels enrich the life, but going to the same summer house year after year, after year, after year, doesn’t. Does it?

Either way, aesthetics also enriches life, so unless you’re planning to travel the world, or at least go somewhere new, where local cuisine is amazing and surrounding (natural or man-made) is breathtaking, we’ll call it even.

free printable poster | minimalist decoration | quote | calligraphy

Maybe rather than changing the scenery, you should add some greenery? Did you see our dreamy collection? Just looking at those photographs will be a vacation for your eyes.

2. Going on a vacation cost as much as a home remodel

Okay, depending on the type of vacation and the type of remodel, but you get the picture.

But both usually cost more than you predicted. See how similar they are?

A reality is, in order to do it properly, you have to have a certain amount of money saved up. There’s nothing enjoyable about a vacation you’ll be paying off months after you’re back home, nor it is satisfying to finish a remodel only to realize you spent way more money than you expected.

Sure, you could go on a weekend getaway, but you know what? You could invest that money in few sets of lovely bed linen and feel like you’re on a weekend getaway every night and every morning? And yes, it is really that easy – new bed linen transforms a bedroom in no-time.

Don’t believe us? Check out this Pinterest board from the ever so wonderful blog Salad days.

3. Prep work lasts longer than the activity

Did you ever try to make ice cream at home? If not, we don’t blame you. If yes, whose idea was to invent a dessert you have to wait for 24 hours? Who plans a dessert 24 hours in advance? The whole industry of desserts relies on poor judgment and people not thinking twice about what they are about to eat.

Prep work is actually the biggest and unavoidable part of the remodel / vacation, too. If you do it right, the execution of the plan will be a joy.

5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation | upgradesign

free printable poster | minimalist decoration | watercolor | watermelon

But joy is also a slice of a cold watermelon eaten outside, After all, what is bigger than a small win?

4. It’s about the journey, not about the destination

Is there anything in this world where this expression does not work as much as it doesn’t work in the context of a vacation or a home remodel? They are so about the destination!

Well yes, the journey can be long, and maybe not the most pleasant time you ever spent, but it is worth it. The only difference is, if you went on a vacation, eventually you’ll have to go back. And if you finished a remodel, you’ll never want to leave again.

5. You’ll be taking pictures like you are on the vacation.

No matter if you went to the end of the world or you painted your living room in that deep blue color you always wanted, chances are, you’ll dedicate your Instagram account to that. Maybe you’ll even start a blog. And why wouldn’t you? Not many people traveled to the end of the world nor found such an amazing shade of dark blue.

Either way, we would follow you on Instagram and read your blog.

Either way, people would  leave comments like “What’s with the most perfect life ever?”

But as you go through your photographs, instead of the bittersweet taste of nostalgia, you’ll be thinking “OMG, I can’t believe I get to live here”.

And that’s why we’re cheering for the home remodel. It’s not that we really think you shouldn’t go on a vacation. Come on, you know us better than that.

We believe in creating joyful ambiance for everyday life.  We believe in enjoying being at home. Sometimes it comes with a price, but on this blog, we do our best to help you go through with it, in the easiest way possible.

Other times, a new little detail is all you need to refresh your home office, nightstand or a shelf.  If you like the hand-drawn graphics we featured in this post just subscribe here and printable .pdf will be on their way to your e-mail inbox.

5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation | upgradesign

Photos: © upgradesign

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4 thoughts on “5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation

  1. This post is awesome! Kept me reading until the very end!
    I can so relate because my hubby and I had a vacation to Europe planned before we (unexpectedly) found the perfect home to purchase. I remember saying “Wow, if only we had known we were going to buy a house. We could have gone on vacation next year and spent more money remodeling our home this year!”
    …We decided to keep our vaca plans, and make it work for both! Remodel + Vacation Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really the best scenario! And Europe definitely is someplace new, where local cuisine is great 🙂 We saw your home on your lovely blog, you’re doing an amazing job with it!


  2. He he, I agree with you to an extent 😉 I love the rewarding feeling of making progress around the home and creating a beautiful space to live… buuuut after 4 years of no holidays, I’m beginning to feel burnt out and like a week on a beach with a cocktail in hand is just what I need!


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