7 reasons why you should hire an architect

You can spend your time designing something shi**y or you can spend your time designing something amazing. Either way, the time will be spent. Either way, you’ll be working, not having fun.

So let’s watch TV instead of creating shi**y designs and create something amazing instead of watching TV!

Something like this post. This post is an updated version of our previously published 4 things you didn’t know about hiring an architect, but we had to update it because turns out, there’s really a lot of things people don’t know about hiring an architect.

1. Architects design layouts

If you read our blog, you probably read about amazing projects like Icaraí Apartment by CIAAHouse for Julia and Björn by Architekten Innauer Matt, Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv by Mayan Zusman & Amir Navon, TRN Apartment Refurbishment by JRKVC. They don’t look and feel the way they do because someone draws a layout – so much more work needed to be done.

Yes, architects draw layouts, but they also design details, furniture, lighting. They choose materials. They combine colors and textures. They’re making sure you’ll be comfortable in your apartment.

7 reasons why you should hire an architect: Lim+Lu - Happy Vally Residence
Lim+LuHappy Valley Residence, Hong Kong // photo: © Nirut Benjabanpot
7 reasons why you should hire an architect: Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar - Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv
Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar – Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv // photo: © 181 Architecture photography

2. Architects have portfolios

Usually (not always), architects have a website where you can see their projects. But don’t dismiss someone just because you don’t like what they’ve done so far. Interior design depends on client’s taste and wishes, and maybe that’s why you don’t like the interior you saw.

You can ask to see drawings of architect’s first idea for certain space. This might sound weird, but seriously, when it comes to our work, architects are hoarders – we can’t seem to throw away anything.

And from those blueprints, you can tell everything. Not only if you like their work, but also how hard they try to impress their clients. Basically, if they show you a sad piece of paper with a sketch on it, run as fast as you can. Unless it’s the coolest looking sketch you’ve ever seen. But most of us believe in over-delivering and there’s a good chance you’ll be amazed.

If you think one architect has one specific ‘style’ of design, think again, and look at this post. We’re sure you’ll be surprised!

Reasons to hire an architect | fitted closet | open shelves idea | apartment remodel
JRKVC – TRN Apartment Refurbishment // photo: © Peter Jurkovič
7 reasons why you should hire an architect: i.s.m. architecten - LVDV
i.s.m.architecten – LVDV // photo: © Luis Díaz Díaz *featured photo

3. Architects don’t ignore your wishes – they upgrade them

You see, architects want to do what you want to do, and they want to make sure your apartment will be functional for you. Unfortunately, sometimes those two things are in conflict.

If they insist on something, maybe it’s really what’s best for you – after all, they did dedicate their entire careers to something you’re just starting to think about, and they saw and studied hundreds of apartments that are similar to yours.

But they will respect your wish.

4. Architects have more than one solution

No matter how small space, there is at least few solutions for it. Architects know this because they saw dozens, if not hundreds of spaces that are similar to yours.

They will show you what could be done with your apartment. And what else could be done. Also what could be done if you’re okay with more complex construction work.

Don’t know about you, but we would love to see all possibilities especially if we’re planning to spend a serious amount of our hard-earned money.7 reasons why you should hire an architect: summer house - floor plan #2

7 reasons why you should hire an architect: summer house - floor plan #1
upgradesign – Summerhouse – floor plan variations

5. Architects are not selling anything

These days, even furniture stores hire designers to help you with your home improvements – for free. But really, they are selling their products, in a very smart way.

Architects would never try to convince you to buy or to pay for anything that they are not sure would work for you, simply because they don’t get anything out of it.

What architects want to do is to make your money’s worth: set priorities, balance your budget, explain what should cost more and what can cost less, design your apartment in a way it could be renovated in phases. Sure, you have to pay the architect for her/his work, but having a good design, the one that eliminates surprise costs really saves you money.

Reasons to hire an architect | dining room idea | home interior design
Architekten Innauer Matt – Haus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

6. Architects don’t make mistakes

Okay, of course, they do. But rarely.

You see, they had their fair share of rookie’s mistakes. And they had professors and bosses to warn them about those mistakes.

Now, they simply know better. Which means less stress for you. And less unpredicted costs.

Still, if you believe you can design your own apartment (and we know you can), hop over here to see what should you think about before hiring a contractor, once a designing process is finished. We created a free worksheet to guide you through. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything you’d like to know. After all, we’re here for you.

Reasons to hire an architect | color palette | pastels | kitchen design idea
CIAA – Icaraí Apartment // photo: © Thiago Almeida

7. You should hire THE architect

Think about it, if it never crossed your mind. And if it did, you’d be surprised how many people think that an architect is an architect. There are, of course, good and bad architects. A nicer way to say this would be that there are architects who have a different sense of style than you do, but the truth is, some architects are not good at their jobs.

It is not easy to find good, small, local architectural office – the one that can afford to spend time on small projects but do your research, this is where portfolio or web site come in handy. We went to dozens different hair stylists before we found our favorite and everyone knows that hair grows back. We bet you did the same thing. So don’t settle for just any architect or interior designer you heard about.

And yes, we go to the same hair stylist – don’t think it’s weird, she’s really the best (if you’re lucky enough to live in Zagreb, you should treat yourself and visit Frizeraj Ivka).

Our colleague said there’s no way anyone would ever hire an architect if we continue to share our ”secrets” with you. That’s just crazy-talk.

Sharing any form of knowledge, in our opinion, is a duty of all of us. Why wouldn’t we try to help someone if we know how to? Especially because writing posts is a way for us to learn about amazing things architects and designers create all over the world. There’s no way anyone wouldn’t hire them!

Yet, if you want to design your interior by yourself, there’s no one in this world who is cheering for you more than we do. Remember those four weeks we spent showing you four steps we take for each of our projects? Yes, you can renovate your apartment almost easily, you just have to:

  1. Identify problems
  2. Prioritize tasks
  3. Find inspiration
  4. Design a dream home

Or hire the architect. 🙂

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