DIY Macrame plant hanger

DIY Macrame plant hanger | upgradesign

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we wrote our first blog post. Since we’re celebrating our 1st birthday (that’s actually tomorrow) we decided to make something and share it with you.
So we thought, even if you’re not planning to remodel your apartment at this moment, maybe your plants can get a new place to stay.

We LOVE macrame plant hangers and they are huge right now. We feel everyone’s posting macrame photos all over Instagram and we love every single one of them.

This DIY is really easy, but we won’t lie – it’s time-consuming. So, arm yourself with patience and start knotting, we promise at the end you’ll be really happy with your new plant hanger.

You need:

  • 45 m cord. (we used approx. 3mm thick jute ball)
  • scissors
  • meter
  • scotch/washi tape


You need 8 x 5m cords, 1 x 1m cord and 1 x 1,5m cord. 5m cords will be used for macrame, you can measure the first cord and then use that one to measure the remaining ones. Since we are not using any metal or wooden ring at the top of this plant hanger we will use the 1,5m cord for the loop and 1m cord for the gathering knot.

For this DO IT YOURSELF project we’ll be using 5 kinds of knots – LARKS HEAD KNOT, VERTICAL LARKS HEAD KNOT, GATHERING KNOT, SQUARE KNOT and SPIRAL KNOT, there are photos below for you to practice. We advise you to practice making these knots before you start making your plant hanger, it will save you losing a lot of nerves later.

Making the loop

We can start.

Take all eight cords and fold it in the middle. Now you actually have 16 strings you will use for knotting and a loop at the top. Measure 6 cm from the top of the loop and tape below it.DIY Macrame plant hanger: LoopTake the 1,5m cord and make a larks head knot (picture 1 below) at the top of the loop. With the rest of the thread on each side, you will do vertical larks head knot.
Note: Since our rope is not very flexible we did only 2nd knot of vertical larks head knot (pic.2) all the way around the loop.

Vertical larks head knot: Take thread over the loop, then under the loop, then over the thread and tighten (pic.2). After this take the same thread but do the opposite: under the loop then upward and then under the thread and tighten (pic.3). Do this until one-half of the loop is done and then do the same thing with the other thread. If you want you can make the regular knot with the rest of the threads before next step.

Securing the loop with gathering knot

Take off the tape holding your cords together. With the 1m cord tie the loop together with a gathering knot.DIY Macrame plant hanger: Loop + Gathering knotGathering knot: Put the one side of the cord in the middle of the loop you just made. Fold it just beyond the area you plan to wrap around and bring the thread you’ll use for wrapping back up. The upper thread needs to stick out while you’re wrapping the rest of the thread around. (pic.1)
Start to wrap this thread all around your cords.
Continue wrapping until you have reached the length of the wrap you want. (pic.2)
Now pull the cord through the folded area – loop. Pull it all the way through holding the cord firmly so the wrap doesn’t loosen. (pic.3)
Pull the other end of the cord that is sticking out at the top of the wrap. Folded part of the cord will be pulled inside the wrap with the thread you used for wrapping. Pull it about half way through. (pic.4)
Cut the rest of the cord on both sides.

Start making your MACRAME

Finally! The fun part…

For this, we will use 2 knots (that is actually 2 varieties of one knot) – square knot and spiral knot.

Square knot: You have 4 cords. Bring the right cord under and to the left side of the middle cords. Place the left cord under the right cord, bring it above the middle ones and then through the right cord. (pic.1) Pull them to tighten. Now bring the left cord under and to the right side of the middle cords. Place the right cord under the left cord, bring it above the middle ones and then through the left cord.
Pull the cords to tighten. (pic.2) This is ONE square knot. Repeat. (pic.4 above – two square knots)

Spiral knot: This is a one-half of the square knot. You have 4 cords. Bring the right cord under and to the left side of the middle cords. Place the left cord under the right cord, bring it above the middle ones and then under the right cord. (pic.3) Pull them to tighten. Repeat. (pic.4 below – spiral knots)

Separate 16 cords into 4 groups of 4 and start knotting. Use hanger, door knob or a nail to hang your cords while you knot.DIY Macrame plant hanger | video tutorialStart with spiral knot 14 cm long and repeat with other three groups.

For the next 9 cm leave the cords to hang free. You can switch the middle cords (in a group of four) with the end ones before you start a new knot, this way you will have a smaller change in length in cord at the end – this part is totally up to you.
Repeat with the other three groups.

Now knot 9 cm of square knots and repeat with other three groups.

Again, leave the next 9 cm of the cords to hang free and repeat for all the groups.

Knot 9 cm with a spiral knot in all four groups.

After this step take two right cords and pair it with two left cords from the adjacent group. Leave 9 cm of cords free and then knot 3 square knots. Repeat this two times for all the groups.

DIY Macrame plant hanger: FinishingAt the end, we used one cord to make the gathering knot at the end but instead of using the loop to pull the other end of the cord in we used it to tie a regular knot and let the rest of the cords hang free.

You can have fun at the end and make a big spiral knot or you can make a regular large knot, it’s your choice.

Have fun!

DIY Macrame plant hanger | video tutorial
DIY Macrame plant hanger: Macrame detail

DIY Macrame plant hanger | video tutorial

Photos: © upgradesign

And for more inspiration check out a blog post and this wonderful video by FTD by Design. We love this colorful approach.


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