3 signs you might hate your apartment

Interior decoration became some kind of madness. Have you noticed? Every so often we meet a friend who’s “all stressed out” because she’s just in the middle of her apartment remodel and something went wrong.

You guys, there are people literally fighting with their life partners over a size of a couch. Or feeling unhappy because they can’t decorate or design their apartment in a way they wanted, for whatever reason. At times, we feel like marriage counselors, hearing ourselves saying things like: “Why do you think what you want is more important than what he wants?” Isn’t that just a bit too much?

We too are guilty of this. “Oh, if I only had time and money to create a perfect home workspace, it would be so much easier to work on evenings and weekends.” No, it wouldn’t. But it would be nice to have a perfect workspace, though. It would really be a dream come true.

See how easy it is? It is so easy to convince yourself that you absolutely must at least redecorate, in order to be happy at home.

On the other hand, maybe you really hate your apartment.
Let’s find out.

1. Would you describe your apartment as high-maintenance?

Old apartments with old fixtures and furniture tend to be high-maintenance. Floor and wall finishes are probably worn out. You can clean all day long, with nothing to show for it.

Or,  you had new materials installed, but after a while, you realize you’re spending way too much time dusting and removing fingerprints. This is almost worse than living in a space where everything clearly needs to be renovated because it feels wrong to replace things that are new(ish).

For us, interior design is about simplifying everyday life so either one of these two situations would be a good reason to start planning a remodel. Think about it. You don’t want to spend time with high maintenance people, why would you spend it in a high maintenance apartment.

When designing your own apartment, you should really think about how easy, or complicated, cleaning would be. Take a look at these simple details – they guarantee an effortlessly clean bathroom.

Home remodel tips and ideas | bathroom layout organization | bathroom design
PYO arquitectos – Casa MA // photo: © Miguel de Guzmán, Imagen Subliminal *featured photo

2. Is apartment’s layout organization working for you?

She grew up in a small apartment. Never really able to invite many friends over. Open concept kitchen, a big dining table, and living room for entertaining were always her dream.

He hates clutter. A functional pantry, big wardrobes and a huge closet in the home office were necessities for him.

The layout of their apartment wasn’t working for them. The kitchen was too small. The dining room was separated from the living room. The pantry was useless and weirdly placed next to the bedroom.Home remodel floor plan | before and after | apartment layout organizationFew quite simple changes made a lot of difference.

People seem to think that changing layout organization is too difficult and not worth it. You know what? Our client thought so too. And then, months after the remodel was finished, he said: “I’m so glad I did it.” Luka, are you reading this? Hop over to our facebook page and tell everyone that this is true. Maybe you can write something like ”Upgradesign saved my life” or whatever.

Sometimes, there’s a good general organization, but the certain room seems to be non-functional – especially the kitchen, bathroom or storage room. However, everyone has different priorities and as we’ve just pointed out, dining room/living room merge is somebody’s legitimate reason for a remodel.

The budget plays an important role here. When you have to change almost everything, the idea of the apartment remodel becomes overwhelming. Because it’s expensive.

You probably want us to say “But it doesn’t have to be!”. Well, usually it is. But you know what? We actually believe that remodeling should be a process, especially if you’re doing it without help from professionals.

Doing one room at the time is not just easier to finance, but it also allows you to learn from your mistakes. Trends, as well as your taste, will change and evolve. And in the end, you’ll have an apartment that won’t become outdated after few years.

If budget is an issue, think about phases of your remodel. Not everything has to be done immediately.

3. Do you have enough daylight?

In order to achieve a healthy environment, every room should get at least two hours of sunlight., but especially those in which you spend the most time – living room, bedroom and home office.

Not enough daylight is a big deal. You know you feel better on a sunny day than on a cloudy one, which means that daylight even affects your mood.

Home remodel tips and ideas | bathroom layout organization
Architekten Innauer Matt – Haus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

Since it depends on your apartment’s orientation, position in the building, and size of windows, sometimes there’s not much you can do about it.

But sometimes there is.

The key is to open up as much of interior space as possible to the side (or sides) of the apartment that hopefully has big windows, oriented to the south, east or west – to literally let the sunshine in.

By open up, we mean to tear down the (non-bearing) walls and replace them, if necessary, with some kind of translucent partition. While ago, we created The ultimate guide to partition walls, in case you are wondering how to use a translucent partition. Also, if you’re dealing with this problem, read about this dark apartment transformed into a bright home. We’re sure it will inspire you to take action.

So basically, you should hate your apartment only if it’s bullying you, works against you, or makes you feel bad.

No one would be happier than us if everybody lived in their dream homes. We come here every Thursday with hope to help someone do just that. But, if your apartment’s treating you nice, maybe you can get pass those ugly tiles. After all, nobody’s perfect.

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