Daybeds we love

Wonderful daybeds | ideas for a cozy living room

1:    Align Daybed (MENU) // design: MENU
2:    Crescent Lounger (Pamono) // design: Vonnegut / Kraft
3:    Cleopatra Daybed (1stdibs) // design: Dick Cordemeijer
4:    Daybed (ligne roset) // design: Pierre Paulin
5:    TK8 Daybed (Carl Hansen & Søn) // design: Thomas Bo Kastholm
6:    Antony bed (Galerie Patrick Seguin) // design: Jean Prouvé with Charlotte Perriand
7:    Palo Lounger (HEM) // design: HEM Design Studio
8:    OW150 (Carl Hansen & Søn) // design: Ole Wanscher
9:    Turn Daybed (Ferm Living) // design: Ferm Living  in collaboration with Says Who
10:  Mass Series / Daybed // design: lim+lu


We are gaga over daybeds.

They are right on the borderline of something there’s-no way-you-need and something you-have-to-have, don’t you think?

Now, everyone knows we are not fans of useless stuff (and by everyone, we mean thirty people tops), but we are fans of using furniture in a new, reinterpreted way.

My grandpa had a daybed in the kitchen/dining room where he would nap after lunch. He even installed a swing for me and my sister when we were about two or three years old, close enough for him to reach from the daybed so he could help us swing without getting up. How cool is that?

Chances are, you don’t really take naps during the daytime – although, what a dream would that be! You probably don’t need a daybed. But, its function, as well as design, is reinterpreted.

Nowadays, a daybed is a minimalistic but also kind of a luxurious element, imaginable only in certain types of spaces. Guess that’s what we love the most about them – it’s not really typical for furniture to have an impact on the general atmosphere in the interior.

Light? Sure. Colors? Of course. Textures? You betcha! But a piece of furniture? Well, you better believe it.

Apartment 34 knows what we are talking about. There is this wonderful daybed that turns every room into a chic space. It’s not very often you find a bed that looks just as great in a living room, an entryway or a garden. It would look amazing on a beach, for that matter. Not functional? It is multi-functional.

And yes, we love the freestanding ones, or those placed in front of the wall almost like a sculpture perfectly styled with just the right number of pillows and maybe a blanket. The truth is, you can’t really place it between a wardrobe and a console table. A statement piece like this needs its space. The free space around it is actually what makes it both minimalistic and luxurious.

Take a look at our selection of daybeds. You know, just in case there’s an empty part of your apartment you want to turn into your favorite spot.


* All furniture used in our collages were picked out from 1STDIBSCARL HANSEN & SØN, GALERIE PATRICK SEGUINFERM LIVING, HEMLIM+LU, MENUPOMONO.

** This is not a sponsored post. We’re not receiving any type of payment for this. We’re simply sharing something that we like, with the hope it will inspire you to appreciate the effort designers put in their products.

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