Innauer-Matt Architekten designed all-wood family house in a picturesque Austrian town

IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn

The very beginning of every project is an amazing time. Wonderful and frustrating. When we know everything could happen, but also don’t see it happening. There’s an empty space – maybe an existing apartment to be remodeled, or an empty plot for a new house to be built. And we know what has to fit in that space. But it doesn’t fit.

So we calculate, combine, remove something only to add it again later. We stretch, erase and then draw again. We get angry because it’s impossible. Then we get sad because it is possible, but it doesn’t look good nor feel right. Because it feels forced and unnatural.

Yet every single time, there comes a moment when everything clears up. When we don’t even have to finish drawing the layout to know that we found the solution. That moment is the reason we sometimes find ourselves explaining to our sisters how amazing will be an apartment they’ve never seen, for people they’ve never met.

We feel that same excitement when we see a project like the one we’re about to share with you. Because we know how much effort was put into creating something so simple, so clean, and so impressive. We can relate. We can imagine that moment when everything cleared up during the design process. We can imagine someone over at the Innauer-Matt Architekten saying: “If we move master bedroom to the end of the hallway, we’ll get this clear row of private rooms. Also, bathrooms will be right next to each other to simplify the plumbing system”.

Although it only happened in our imagination, we love how one decision solved two problems at the same time.IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn : first floorTake a good look at the layout. Architects used the sloping ground to organize entrance space on the first floor. Usually, an entryway is placed on the same floor as the living area, not the private, sleeping area. That’s because this way “guests have to walk by private area to get to the living room”, one might say. But the truth is, owners don’t have to walk through living room to get to their bedrooms. We are big fans of that idea.

Actually, guests don’t have to walk by private part of the house. Straight from the entrance, they get to the stairs. And look at those stairs!

Home inspiration | single family house interior | wooden stairs design
Architekten Innauer MattHaus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

Notice the door at the bottom of the staircase. For a bathroom that is linked to the living part of the home, it is perfect to design the door subtle like this. Almost hidden.

This is what we mean by “learning from the best examples”. Sure, we love to look at pretty pictures, but the important thing is to understand the logic behind that beautiful design you love so muchIMA - Haus für Julia und Björn : ground floor

The living area spans across the whole ground floor – eating, cooking and living. A capacious window with a bench offers a spectacular view of the village beneath and the surrounding mountain scenery.

IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn
Dining area // Architekten Innauer MattHaus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

One side of the living area is used for built-in storage and kitchen. It is no secret this is one of our favorite solutions for small space design, but it is actually our favorite solution wherever possible. And how could it not be? Don’t you see how everything else can be spacious and beautifully empty?

IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn

IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn
Kitchen + dinning area // Architekten Innauer MattHaus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

A fireplace divides the dining area from the living room. Except it is not really a fireplace, but an efficient wood burning stove that functions both as a production of hot water as well as heating. See what they did there?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that a fireplace has basically a decorative role in the interior because it definitely affects general feeling in the room, not just its appearance. But, this one, while affecting general feeling in the room, also has a technical purpose. This very element is what our sisters have to listen about.

Does that sound crazy to you? You see, we know how hard it is to hide all those systems and installations that run through a house in order to design something pretty. But it is so much harder to make those elements a highlight of the interior.

IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn
Living room niche // Architekten Innauer MattHaus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

What a creative way to design a leftover space between the wall and the stove! Do you remember this niche? At first, we thought it is our favorite part of this house, but we decided that every part is our favorite. Because, you see, there is a gallery-like extension to the roof we haven’t even shown you yet. It makes the small rooms astonishingly generous. And also super-fun!IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn : sectionHome inspiration | single family house interior | design ideas

IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn
Gallery // Architekten Innauer MattHaus für Julia und Björn // photo: © Adolf Bereuter

Please visit Architekten Innauer Matt to read more about House for Julia and Björn, but also to see their other equally amazing projects. We’re sure you’ll decide that every single one is your new favorite.



Studio: Architekten Innauer Matt
Client: private
Location: A-6863 Egg
Floor Area 148m²
Completed: 2013
Photographer: © Adolf Bereuter



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