Quick tips for closet design

Closets. Don’t you feel like you love every single one you see on Pinterest, but hate your own? Guess lighting is different. Or yours isn’t white? And oh yeah, you don’t see the big pile of stuff that’s taken out of them in order to show „the perfect closet organization“ (also known as the pile of lies, muahahaha hah).

Just kidding. Some people are perfectly organized. Did you ever stumble upon and spent hours and hours going through organization-related projects on I HEART ORGANIZING like we did so many times?

When designing a room, we always advise you to imagine what do you want to do in that room, instead of what furniture you want to put in it. Same thing works for closets. Don’t think about how much drawers you want, but which items you’ll keep in them.

We prepared few quick tips to help you with a closet design. The difference between closet organization and closet design might be obvious. You can organize the closet you already have to make it more functional, but you can design the closet of your dreams.

What can be kept in the bedroom closet? We deliberately don’t say „what to storage“, because you use most of that stuff on daily basis, you don’t really storage it.

Clothes. Maybe towels and bed linen. Accessorize pieces. Socks and underwear.

In our opinion, there are also some things that could find their place in the bedroom closet even though they are usually put in separate units and cabinets. Do you remember our post about designing a small apartment? There was just one big closet for all the stuff and lots of free space. Too many units and cabinets placed around the apartment also seem like clutter.Quick tips for closet design | organization ideasHow about dedicating a special drawer to your home paper filing system? Or maybe putting holiday decorations in a box on the upper shelve that’s too hard to reach? It all depends on your apartment size and whether you have a storage room or not.

Think about what do you want to put in a drawer, fold on a shelf or hang on a rail.

As we’ve just said, you use most of the stuff from the closet on daily basis. Your closet must be easy to use, otherwise, you won’t use it and there’ll be clothing items around the room in no time.Quick tips for closet design | organization ideasIf you hate folding T-shirts, use hangers. It’s your closet. Design for yourself long rail with lots of hangers and get crazy. Don’t ever fold anything in your life again. Just put that rail on the height you’re comfortable with. And keep in mind the fact that some clothes are longer than others. The vertical organization is an important part of a closet design.

Shelves that are higher than 200-220 cm are for seasonal stuff only. If it’s hard to reach, it will become a storage for things that should’ve been thrown away a long time ago.

The part between 200-220 cm and 40-60 cm is for rails and shelves. This is where your clothes is – right there in front of you.
Quick tips for closet design | organization ideasA good idea is to place drawers at the bottom. That simple thing makes the bottom of the closet so much more useful. We love drawers that are hidden behind closet fronts, for clean, minimalistic look. But just because we love it, doesn’t mean you have to love it, too.

Those drawers could also be used as toy storage in kid’s room closet. They are easy for kids to reach and you won’t need any additional cabinets or boxes around the room. Okay, you probably will because the amount of toys kids have is unreal, but you won’t need as much as people usually do.

Check out our guest post on Productive and pretty. It shows a simple way to plan a new kitchen, but same logic works for closets. While brainstorming the closet of your dreams, feel free to print our suggestions and fill them with your adjustments.

Do you have more clothes than closet space? We are big fans of Encircled and their amazing minimalist wardrobe workbook. Maybe instead of more space, you need less stuff.


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