Tips and tricks for a beautiful home workspace

McLaren.Excell - Ingersoll Road

Raise your hand if you don’t have and don’t need a work space in your home… That’s what we thought so, only a few of you raised it. We feel like today it’s almost impossible not to have a workspace in your home. Most of us go straight to our computer right after we take our shoes off when entering the apartment – whether it’s to search for some holiday inspiration and check your social media or hop on to some ‘off work’ work. For us, it’s the last one most of the time.

Whether you’re in the first group or in the second one you’ll have to agree with us it’s important to have a good, organized and clutter-free workspace.

Home office | workspace ideas and organization tips
Workspace styled for Alvhem by Johanna Bagge (KVART) / photo: Alice Johansson

These are some important stuff to think about when designing a workspace:

  1. Pick the right size desk – this one is very important, you’ll have to be aware what sort of work you’ll be doing here. It is not the same if your work consists of only computer work or if it’s DIY and crafting stuff too
  2. Comfortable chair – if you’re sitting on it for a good few hours after sitting already for 8h in the office, it better be the most comfortable chair ever!
  3. Pick a good and interesting desk lamp – we already talked about how important the desk lamp is…
  4. Decorate – chose some nice art or a beautiful plant to put on a desk… and of course the books! – the more the merrier
Home office | workspace ideas and organization tips
Styled by IKEA Sweden – LILLÅSEN table workspace // photo: Ragnar Ómarsson

You’ll have to do some analysis before choosing the perfect place for your workspace and by that, we mean self-analysis as much as home-analysis.
Yup. It’s equally good to have a home office in a separate room or as a part of some other space of your home – bedroom, living room, even kitchen, but you’ll have to know what works for you.

We are repeating ourselves over and over again but when deciding what is best for you, think about how and where are you doing your work now, what are the things you’ll like to keep and what are the ones that are getting on your nerves. Now that you established that it’s simple: keep the ones that work, change the ones that don’t. Always keep in mind that you will not change for your new workspace.
Be very careful with this, you don’t want to organize separate office room and then do all the work on your dining room table. If you don’t like to be alone while working, why not turn that spare room in more useful storage space?

Home office | workspace ideas and organization tips
studio PAN – Live-work in the heart of Paris // photo: © Mariela Apollonio

This beautiful home office is carefully designed to fit in the niche and to blend with other built-in furniture when unused. That is a great solution for workspaces organized in living rooms. Also, the entire apartment is amazing so follow the link and check it out.

Home office | workspace ideas and organization tips
McLaren.ExcellIngersoll Road // photo: © Richard Leeney

It can’t be hard to work in a place so full of daylight and natural materials. Wooden furniture in natural light tone creates warm, soft, almost dreamy ambiance. We don’t like to be alone when working but still can imagine ourselves writing posts in there.

A window is an important factor in workspace design, not just because of the daylight but for the ability to look outside – anyone who ever worked in cubicle knows that.

If you read our post about designing a studio apartment, you might remember that practical thing called space overlaps. The truth is, it is not a bad idea to work on a dining table as long as it really was an idea and not an unplanned situation that happened due to not seriously thinking about what you want and need. The dining table can be great workspace in a small apartment or if you mostly eat outside and don’t use it very often. Also, how about choosing an oversized dining table, with the work area on one side and dining area on the other, with possibilities to turn it anytime in a large workspace or a large dining room?

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