Christmas gift guide for little architects

pinch · toys - CITY

The title should probably be “Christmas gift guide from architects to little ones”. You see, the other day, one of our dearest friends said: “You do understand that it is you who loves that gift, not your toddler niece/nephew?” However, she also believes that children books and toys should show good design as much as they have to have educational content.

For us, rules for choosing toys are the same as for choosing furniture:

  1. Timeless over trendy
  2. Quality materials
  3. High aesthetic value
  4. Inspired, creative ideas that brought old-fashioned item to the next level

** This is not a sponsored post. We’re not receiving any type of payment for this. We’re simply sharing something that we like, with the hope it will inspire you to appreciate the effort these talented designers put in their products.

1. Books: Iggy Peck, Architect & Rosie Revere, Engineer

Children books are the perfect place to start appreciating good design. These are not some of our favorites just because of the theme, but because of beautiful, simple illustrations young children might be able to copy as they learn how to draw.
Books by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts.

2. boya crayons

boya crayons
boya crayons // source: boya

We can’t talk about inspired ideas without mentioning Boya crayons. Just look at them – from crayons to packaging, every detail is so pretty. This is definitely a good way to teach your kids about good design (best design, to be precise). Boya’s ergonomic form has not only been devised to allow for a more natural and expressive approach to drawing but also perfectly fits in little hands.

3. The Dollhouse Book

rock & pebble - THEDOLLHOUSE BOOK
rock & pebble – THE DOLLHOUSE BOOK // source: rock & pebble

A little house notebook from rock & pebble. What a perfect place for interior or wallpaper design beginners. Inside you’ll find 30 blank pages for your kid to decorate.

4. pinch · toys

pinch · toys - CITY
pinch · toys – CITY // source: pinch · toys *featured photo

Have you heard about pinch · toys? They are amazing. Neutral colors and clean lines of their toys will be very appealing to a future architect. Old school wooden blocks are made for building high towers or entire villages (and tearing them down).

5. Paralela

PARALELA - Cork City

Paralela - Cork City
Paralela – CORK CITY // source: Paralela

And here’s a Cork City from Paralela. With this little ecofriendly blocks, of different shapes and sizes, you can easily construct buildings or a small town.

 6. archiPLAY

archiPLAY - archiBOX
archiPLAY – archiBOX // source: archiPLAY

Editable cardboard house made by archiPLAY offers children an opportunity to explore different ways of changing the house’s shape and it’s visual and spatial identity. And just in case your architect is still too little to play with scissors, we have a perfect solution from same designers – house shaped blackboards. A piece of chalk will be enough to create innumerous designs.archiPLAY - archiGRAFFITI

archiPLAY - archiGRAFFITI
archiPLAY – archiGRAFFITI // source: archiPLAY

7. studio ROOF

This little white house is perfect for your kid to color and decorate in his/hers own style. It is a perfect little hiding place.
However if your little one sometimes dreams about being an astronaut and not an architect /:'(/ here’s a little rocket for them to train.

studio ROOF - Casa Cabana
studio ROOF – Casa Cabana // source: studio ROOF
studio ROOF - Rocket
studio ROOF – Rocket // source: studio ROOF

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