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Christmas gift guide for little architects

The title should probably be “Christmas gift guide from architects to little ones”. You see, the other day, one of our dearest friends said: “You do understand that it is you who loves that gift, not your toddler niece/nephew?” However, she also believes that children books and toys should show good design as much as they have to have educational content.

For us, rules for choosing toys are the same as for choosing furniture:

  1. Timeless over trendy
  2. Quality materials
  3. High aesthetic value
  4. Inspired, creative ideas that brought old-fashioned item to the next level

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MAT projektni studio - tailor-made wallpaper for CONTE NERO bar

About wallpapers

I wouldn’t say I always used to pay attention to interiors but I have a very vivid memory of walking through my grandma’s house when I was about 4 years old, thinking: ”Why would someone glue these ugly sheets of paper on their walls?”
The house was old and the wallpapers were damaged, even peeled in corners. Not just the design, but the entire idea of using wallpapers for covering walls was outdated. I couldn’t know any of this as a four-year-old, but I was aware of the fact that wallpapers belong in grandma’s house.

Do you remember those old wallpapers? Those were the worst. However, just like any commonly used, old fashioned material, they were perfect for reinterpretation. Also, just like any blank sheet of paper, they have endless possibilities.Read More »

i.s.m.architecten - TDH

i.s.m.architecten designed amazingly warm and cozy concrete house

It’s no secret architects love concrete. We love to see concrete.

Since it is structural material (and not a decorative one), left visible, it has that certain honesty we are always talking about. Plus, you can’t just decide ‘this will be visible concrete’. It can be made in situ (which means poured on site into the formwork) or prefabricated, depending on the concept of your design. You should also decide if you want it to be perfectly smooth, or it’s important to have an imprinted texture of formwork. What kind of texture? Maybe just a few joints here and there. Do you want to use special aggregate or pigment to affect its color or roughness? We love that endless list of possibilities.Read More »

i.s.m.architecten - LVDV

The ultimate guide to partition walls

Partiton walls are all walls in your apartment that are not load-bearing. They are usually thinner (8-15 cm) and easier to take down. It is often possible to remove entire partition wall since it won’t affect the structural system. However, in older buildings and during a certain amount of time, even partition brick walls might start to behave as load-bearing walls which is something that can create structural problems and extra costs in apartment reconstruction.

If you’re planning an apartment reconstruction, you probably have a new layout in mind which usually means taking down old walls and building new ones. Choosing the right material for partition walls can have a big impact on your budget, duration of reconstruction, and in the end, your everyday life.Read More »