Tips and tricks for a perfect entrance space

Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space: BEIGE NATURAL entrance space collage

You know how they say ‘the eyes are the mirror of the soul’, well the entrance of our home should be a reflection of a whole house and of course it is also a reflection of our personality. This room is the first one that your friends will step into. That is why it is really important to make it the best one that can be. Make sure to make it colorful if that’s your thing, or as white as snow, play with tiles, wood, steel, do whatever you want but have in mind one thing: less is more – you can go a little overboard because it is not the space you’re spending much time in but don’t hoard everything you don’t have space for, in there.

You’ll often hear us say that interior design is not the same thing as home decor. But, when it comes to the entrance space, it almost is. There isn’t much you can do to make your entrance room more functional, accept having an entrance room (or entrance area). Maybe you are an extrovert, but everyone that might knock on your door doesn’t have to see your entire apartment when you open the door. A small entrance room can be functional, but if you are in a situation to choose between small or bigger one, don’t immediately look at it as a waste of precious apartment space. If you often host parties and family gatherings, it is nice to have bigger space to greet everyone and say goodbye to them when they’re leaving. On the other hand, we wouldn’t advise you to design bigger entrance space just because you have a lot of shoes. Entrance room is not a storage.

These are all the important stuff your entrance space should consist of:

  1. Some kind of storage space – usually for shoes – especially those you wear most of the time
  2. Rack or hooks – for your guest’s coats and jackets (you might keep your own here, or in some other closet in case you prefer ”empty look” – whatever works for you, just make that decision before buying a rack that will be too small)
  3. Mirror – because you want to take a final look at your ootd before you go out of the house
  4. Bench, chair or stool – it’s obvious why 🙂

After we established this, let’s recall some good things we said in our first post about designing a studio apartment: SPACE OVERLAPS or if you will, in this case, furniture overlaps. Maybe a bench can also be used as a shoe storage, which is really important if your entrance space is really small, or you can use a bench as a small console table and style it like a professional.

Don’t forget to make this space even prettier with some nice plant and lighting, and if you’re living in an area where rains a lot or it’s really snowy in the winter time make sure to have some plastic container to put in your wet shoes and umbrellas when you come in.

BLACK AND WHITE entrance space collage

1:     STÄLL Shoe cabinet (IKEA)
2:    Black Oval Mirror (ZARA HOME)
3:    ENUDDEN Rack (IKEA)
4:    BEKVÄM Stepladder (IKEA)
5:    Stornesle Rug (JYSK)
6:    Hilbert Basket (JYSK)
7:    Hemionitis arifolia (BOTANIKE)Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space: BEIGE NATURAL entrance space collage

1:     STOCKHOLM Sideboard (IKEA)
2:    STOCKHOLM Mirror (IKEA)
3:    TJUSIG Hanger (IKEA)
4:    OCHRE PATTERNED PLASTIC RUG (indoor and outdoor) (ZARA HOME)
5:    Round Basket with a handle (ZARA HOME)
6:    Mimosa pudica (BOTANIKE)

Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space: WOODEN STORAGE/BENCH entrance space collage

1:     VEDDE Storage/bench (JYSK)
2:    Natural wooden hook (ZARA HOME)
3:    Natural wooden rectangular mirror (IKEA)
4:    Jacquard cotton rug (ZARA HOME)
5:    UPPBO Floor lamp (IKEA)
6:    Light grey rectangular basket + Lacquered compressed-bamboo basket (ZARA HOME)
7:    Senecio rowleyanus (BOTANIKE)

Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space: COLORFUL entrance space collage

1:     HEMNES 8-drawer dresser  IKEA)
2:    MULIG Valet stand (IKEA)
3:    STABEKK round mirror (IKEA)
4:    Kilim wool rug (ZARA HOME)
5:    Small wire basket (H&M)
6:    FORSÅ work lamp (IKEA)
7:    Euphorbia Cactus (BOTANIKE)

Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space: BLACK+NATURAL entrance space collage

2:    JENNET rack (IKEA)
3:    HEMNES mirror (IKEA)
4:    Zig-zag design rug (ZARA HOME)
5:    Black rubber umbrella holder (H&M)
6:    EGGERT basket (IKEA)
7:    Corokia cotoneaster (BOTANIKE)

* All furniture and decoration selections used in our collages were picked out from IKEA, JYSK, ZARA HOME and H&M HOME.
** Beautiful plants are from BOTANIKE, check them out and hit like button on their facebook page: @studiobotanike.

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