How to design a storage

“Wait, what? Now I have to design my storage? There’s no end to this!”

Well, speaking of function,  it is more important to design small rooms in the apartment than the big ones. Big rooms will probably be functional just because they are big. Small rooms tend to become useless or even worse, cluttered. Speaking of aesthetics, of course, you’ll pay more attention to the main rooms.

Still, there are two reasons for storage design:

  1. you’ll have specific space for each and every item and you won’t be spending so much time cleaning and decluttering
  2. you won’t hoard useless stuff since you don’t have a place for it. (it’s a win-win really because sometimes you don’t need more space, you just need less stuff)

Think about everything you use, regularly or occasionally, that doesn’t quite belong anywhere: vacuum cleaner, all kinds of detergents, broom, drying rack, ironing board, iron, grill, picknick basket, paper or empty bottles for recycling, holiday decorations, artificial Christmas tree, ski equipment. These things are probably hiding all over your apartment, taking away space meant for something that’s actually needed in a certain room.

How to design storage: Vora - Juan's apartment
Simple storage solution // Vora arquitectura – Juan’s apartment // photo: © Adrià Goula *featured photo
How to design storage: Vora - Juan's apartment
Storage solution with hidden door // Vora arquitectura – Juan’s apartment // photo: © Adrià Goula

We wrote about this subject in the context of small apartment design. Good storage is a must if you want to have a clutter-free studio, but it’s pretty handy in any apartment.

A design process is pretty simple if you know what you want to storage and how big it is. Do you remember those modular dimensions we mentioned when we wrote about kitchens or bathrooms? Here’s a little secret: almost everything you have in your apartment is modular. And it can fit in a 60 cm deep closet.

If you have a separate storage room, you can use open shelves and save some money, but if you don’t (or you know you’re too messy to believe it would look good) you can cover everything with fronts like you would cover kitchen cabinets or a regular closet.

How to design storage: Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture - Sunset Park Townhouse
Plywood storage with hidden door // Jordan Parnass Digital ArchitectureSunset Park Townhouse // photo: © Sean Karns

In fact, this kind of storage can be similar to a kitchen or a closet. If the room is big enough to plan any kind of work, like ironing, it would be a good idea to include worktop, just like you would in a kitchen. You’ll need a surface to lay aside ironed items or a sink for washing delicate clothes . But if you would use this kind of space only for storage, think about it as a closet. Either way, don’t forget about plumbing or electric installation system if necessary.

How to design storage | upgradesign

Even if you don’t have separate storage room, these storage solutions can be a  great way to put washing machine and dryer inside the bathroom without making it look like a utility room. Also, you could use a part of your bedroom or hallway closet for this purpose, it doesn’t have to be a completely different unit.

How to design storage: IKEA UTRUSTA storage solution
IKEA UTRUSTA storage solution

Thinking ahead and imagining all the different situations that will be happening in your home is a foolproof method for successful interior design. What we learned is that flexible spaces are those that stand a test of time. Your family will change and grow, you’ll become older or move out and sell your apartment to someone with completely different needs. Functional utility rooms, ones that won’t change its purpose (kitchen, bathroom, and storage) are the reason why the rest of the apartment can be flexible and adaptable to changing needs. And we can’t stress this enough: storage space, a lot of storage space, will enable you to have a spacious, bright and stylish home you dream about.

Writing these words made us wish we could throw everything out. Do you have a lot of stuff and no place to put it?

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