About tiles

Popular tile shapes

Have you noticed how tiles made a huge comeback?

We invented and reinvented dozens of materials to replace boring (but practical) tiles. We replaced them with wood, with polished concrete, with epoxy floors, with glass backsplashes, with water-resistant wall paint.
And then the strangest thing happened. Little hexagonal backsplash tiles in few different shades of gray. Amazing collages made of desaturated but colorful tiles with geometric patterns. Bold black and white combinations. We became obsessed!

The contact line of kitchen tiles and hardwood floor used to be the most annoying problem. Nowadays, that’s often the highlight of the interior.

PROJOINT edge profile - PROFILPAS Cerfix® Collection
PROJOINT edge profile – PROFILPAS Cerfix® Collection // source: profilpas.com

The tiles are not just for kitchens or bathrooms. With the right type, you can create inviting, warm atmosphere in a hallway without worrying about wet shoes or umbrellas. They can work on living room floors as well, especially if you opt for floor heating, and we’re sure we can also agree that it would be great to spill something from the dining table knowing your floor will not be ruined.  It is always good to think outside of the box – just remember to think about the context of your apartment to see if your choices make sense.

The only problem left is to pick out your favorite.
Some of the websites to chose from:
Here are some of ours:

Shapes of tiles

How to design a shower: Bureau A - The Apartment
Bureau AThe Apartment // photo: Courtesy of Bureau A

Tiles with patterns

EO arquitectura – Reform Apartment in the Eixample: floor tiles
EO arquitecturaReform Apartment in the Eixample // photo: © Adrià Goula

Colorful tiles

P.S. There is no shame in having tiles on your floor or walls. Let them be honest. Just like you wouldn’t pretend that you’re something you’re not, don’t push your tiles to pretend that they are made of wood or marble or what not. It’s ok to be a tile!

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