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Small and functional IKEA kitchen

You may know by now that we are huge Ikea fans. Since that seems to be an unusual thing for architects to say, we would like to elaborate it:

1. We really believe in ‘democratic design’. Of course, we love wonderfully designed furniture by both renowned and young designers, and we think that prices of those products are more than fair. That being said, we are aware that most people can’t afford them but still deserve to live in a stylish home.

2. We don’t think that everyone should be buying and renovating old furniture in order to have ‘unique stuff’ when they can’t afford new ‘unique stuff’ because people have different interests and it’s ok not to spend all your time searching for furniture unless you really want to.Read More »

Šipan summer house - attic reconstruction

An attic reconstruction

We like to say that the basic idea behind our blog is client education. That being said, the truth is this: a private interior is very personal – if you think about it, you can tell very much about a person after seeing hers or his apartment. It is natural for people to be involved in the process of their apartment design but as architects, we sometimes feel frustrated with too-involved, stubborn clients. Ideally, clients would say what they want and what they like, and then give us some freedom to work our magic.

My very first out-of-the-college project was a reconstruction of our family summer house attic. What I learned then, I still find to be true – working for a family member is one of the most challenging tasks for an architect, at least for a young architect.Read More »

Five AM - Isle of Water

How to design stairs

Stairs can be the most annoying, unflexible, impossible-to-update element that permanently occupies your space. They can also be the highlight of an interior.

There are few steps in staircase design process:

1. Location

You should know that stairs affect the entire functional organization of a house or an apartment – this means that location of staircase affects your everyday life.Read More »

RÄS - La Carme: living room

RÄS studio keeps beautiful old floor tiles in La Carme apartment remodel

A good approach to interior design is to put emphasis on apartment’s strengths, fix its weaknesses, and seize its opportunities.

That’s exactly what RÄS did in this project. Read More »

Popular tile shapes

About tiles

Have you noticed how tiles made a huge comeback?

We invented and reinvented dozens of materials to replace boring (but practical) tiles. We replaced them with wood, with polished concrete, with epoxy floors, with glass backsplashes, with water-resistant wall paint.
And then the strangest thing happened. Little hexagonal backsplash tiles in few different shades of gray. Amazing collages made of desaturated but colorful tiles with geometric patterns. Bold black and white combinations. We became obsessed!Read More »