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EO arquitectura transforms dark apartment into a beautiful and bright home

We shared details of lovely apartments and houses through previous blog posts. You should know that context is the beginning of architecture and one of the reasons we always put the link at the bottom of every photograph is to invite you to take a look at the whole project, to read the architect’s description, to find out the location of the designed interior.

The design of a renovated old house in Tuscany probably can’t be successfully applied to an apartment in a high-rise building, and it shouldn’t be. In our post ‘Floor lamps we love‘ we talked about how honesty is an important component of the design. It really is. The idea is to learn from a good project, to figure out its logic. The logic, the way a problem is solved, the way an old material is used in an inspired, new way, the way mass-production furniture is brought to the next level simply by being put in a uniquely designed space – that is something worth ”copying”.

This post is dedicated to one truly honest design. Kitchen from this apartment was one of the functional kitchens we shared on the blog. The project presents the renovation of an apartment located in a building on the ‘Eixample’ neighborhood, Barcelona.Read More »

An outdoor space should be an extension of the interior

Our clients seem to think that a balcony should be a separate space. Often we hear about how frustrated they are because they have a balcony that is only one meter wide, or even less.
Not much can fit in a room that is only one meter wide, but if your room could be one meter wider, that would be great, right?

That’s exactly how you should treat your outdoor space; balcony, terrace or even backyard.

Outdoor space is connected to a room – a bedroom, a kitchen or a living room – as its extension. We found some great projects to show you what we mean.Read More »

4 things to do before hiring a contractor

Probably the most stressful thing you’ll have to do if you choose to renovate your space by yourself instead of asking for professional help is hiring contractors. Everything you don’t know will be up to them and maybe you won’t even realize that they’ve done a bad job.

You can hire a contractor based on a good recommendation, their work you’ve seen elsewhere or their price. Whatever your reasons are, remember those reasons. Hiring someone based on the lowest price is like buying the cheapest boots. There is a chance they’ll last through the winter, but you wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. Read More »