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We are two architects who are very passionate about their jobs. Even though working in the office can be both time-consuming and exhausting, we love to use our free time to work on small projects that make a big difference for our private clients. The thing is, we often meet people who have a question to ask us the moment we say what we do. We didn’t understand why until we started to follow some interesting blogs about interior design, mainly to get inspired by photographs of beautiful interiors.

It became clear that improving, upgrading if you will, personal space is a very interesting theme for so many people. Looking at those beautiful pictures on blogs and Pinterest made people think ‘I want to live like that’. And we couldn’t agree more since we’re trained to believe that aesthetics has great impact on quality of life. However, we realized that almost everyone treated interior design as if it were home decor.

Except some impressive ‘before-after’ images, we didn’t stumble upon a website with beautiful pictures that shows or speaks about serious construction work that took place before someone put stylish nightstand with gorgeous lamp and fresh flowers by the bed. We didn’t have a chance to read an explanation why that one bathroom with entirely standard elements looks so much better than a typical bathroom, but we know it’s not really because of that pretty tray with fancy soaps.
Although those beautiful websites are so useful for us in seeking for inspiration, the problem occurs when you want to do something similar in your own home but you don’t know how because no one explained it to you. Of course, you could ask for professional help, but if we learned anything, we learned that most people believe their home represents themselves and they want everything to be their decision. Also, interior design done by an architect can be and is expensive.

What we want to do is to show you great examples followed by explanation what makes them great so you can use those tips while trying to design your own space. We want to show you the hidden work that is behind beautiful interior, that you may not be aware of but your contractor will be while setting a price for his or her service. We want to warn you about some crucial details that must be done properly.
Most of all, we want to prove it to you that it’s all worth it, just like we did to all of our clients so far.

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